institute of biophysics china

Imaging The Aging Of The Genome In 3D

Researchers in China have developed a new 3D genome imaging technique which precisely visualizes specific genomic repetitive-sequence loci.

How Hepatitis C Escapes Our Immune System

The hepatitis C NS3 protein plays an important role in subverting the host immune response to establish a chronic infection, scientists say.

How Numbers Are Represented In The Brain

Numerosity perception, our understanding of numbers, is strongly influenced by topological concepts, researchers say.

Amyloid Fibrils Help To Stabilize Enzymes In Gels

Researchers have exploited the self-assembly properties of amyloid fibrils to make enzymatically-active microgels.

Harnessing Nature’s Design To Reduce Chemo Side-Effects

Using a naturally occurring protein, scientists have designed a drug nanocarrier that can deliver high doses of cancer drugs to tumors.

Gene Editing Does Not Introduce New Mutations

A study shows that gene editing technology, which could help treat genetic diseases, does not introduce new mutations to cells.