institute of bioengineering and nanotechnology

Bioengineering A Synthetic Ion Channel

A team of researchers in Singapore has developed an artificial pore-forming ion channel which could be used to tackle cystic fibrosis, bacterial infections and cancer.

Dragonfly Wings Inspire Antimicrobial Coating

Mimicking the structures of a dragonfly’s wings, a research group in Singapore has developed a nano-coating that can kill bacteria on surfaces as well as in water.

Green Tea Nanocarriers Load Up On Cancer Drugs

Researchers have developed a green tea-based nanocarrier system that can carry up to 88 percent of its weight in cancer drugs.

10 Of Singapore’s Hottest Biotech Startups

Check out these ten biomedical startups leading healthcare innovation from the little red dot.

Nanosheets Make Batteries Better

Researchers in Singapore have invented a way to produce more durable and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Personalizing Treatment For Cancer Patients

Two studies from Singapore have shown that a personalized approach could benefit patients suffering from cancer.

Stem Cells Used For Personalized Liver Drug Screening

Testing cancer drugs on liver cells made from the stem cells of patients could help reduce the incidence of adverse drug responses, researchers say.

Circulating Cells In Cancer Patients’ Blood Not Always Cancerous

Contrary to the decades-long belief that these cells are always malignant, researchers have found that they may also come from the blood vessels that line the tumor, rather than from the tumor itself.

Supergelators Could Clean Up Oil Spills Rapidly (VIDEO)

The supergelators self-assemble into a 3D network within minutes, trapping the oil molecules into clumps.

Fast-Acting Antimicrobial Kills E. Coli In Seconds

Potential applications for the antimicrobial material include consumer and personal care products.