Nanopore Sensor Speeds Up Influenza Detection

A research group in Japan has devised a highly specific diagnostic tool backed by artificial intelligence for rapid detection of the influenza virus.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Malik Peiris

Inspired by French microbiologist Louis Pasteur, Professor Malik Peiris decided to specialize in virology, which led him to play a critical role in the identification and characterisation of the SARS coronavirus.

Existing Anti-Hypertension Drug Could Help Fight Flu

Anti-hypertensive drugs called calcium channel blockers can suppress influenza virus replication by blocking a key viral receptor.

How Bird Flu Grows An ‘Eggshell’ That Makes It More Deadly

An eggshell-like mineral layer around the avian flu virus could explain why we are more likely to catch it from birds than from our fellow humans.

Philippine Province Records First Avian Flu Outbreak

The Philippine Department of Agriculture is currently investigating a new outbreak of avian flu in Pampanga, Philippines.

Lightning-Fast Flu Virus Detector Is 100 Times More Sensitive

Researchers have used conducting polymers to develop a flu virus detector that is faster and a hundred times more sensitive than commercially available tests.

Frog Mucus Yields Virus-Killing Peptides

Researchers have isolated a peptide from frog mucus that can kill a wide range of flu viruses but appears harmless to human cells.

Four-Strain Seasonal Flu Vaccine Approved in Korea

The health authority of South Korea has approved the first Korean-made vaccine to cover four influenza strains.

Predicting Flu Outbreaks Before They Happen

Scientists have developed a way to predict outbreaks of flu even in densely populated Hong Kong, one of the global epicenters of the disease.

Broadly Neutralizing Influenza Antibody Found

Researchers have isolated a broadly neutralizing influenza antibody from convalescent patients, sparking hopes for a better vaccine.