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Existing Anti-Hypertension Drug Could Help Fight Flu

Anti-hypertensive drugs called calcium channel blockers can suppress influenza virus replication by blocking a key viral receptor.

Broadly Neutralizing Influenza Antibody Found

Researchers have isolated a broadly neutralizing influenza antibody from convalescent patients, sparking hopes for a better vaccine.

Small Non-Coding RNAs Can Cross The Placenta, Scientists Say

Researchers claim that small exogenous RNAs from plants eaten by a mother can cross the placenta and affect fetal development.

Live Poultry Markets Spread Avian Influenza

Research suggests that H7N9 has become established in animals in China, highlighting the need for more stringent controls of the live poultry trade.

Sinovac Seeks Approval For H7N9 Vaccine Clinical Trials

Sinovac Biotech has submitted a clinical trial application to commence clinical trials for its vaccine Avian influenza A (H7N9) vaccine.

Influenza Virus Breaks Through Protective Mucus Net During Infection

Researchers have shown how influenza A viruses snip through a protective mucus net to both infect respiratory cells and later cut their way out to infect other cells.

New Details About H7N9 Infection Uncovered

Researchers have uncovered new information about the latest strain of type A influenza, known as H7N9.