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Carving a Niche—An interview with Koh Kok Sin

Food enterprises in Singapore can tap into the expertise and resources of the Food Innovation and Resource Centre to develop innovative solutions to their problems.

The Pulse Of Manufacturing

Looking to ride the wave of the fourth industrial revolution? This trio of trends could be the wind in your sails.

Five Questions With The CEO: CK Cheong Of ERS

ERS has been providing solutions to data centres for more than two decades. Its CEO, CK Cheong, tells us how open innovation has helped his company stay competitive.

Whose Job Is It To Prepare Us For 2037?

A distinguished panel at the 2017 Milken Institute Asia Summit discussed what the future of jobs will look like as automation and machine learning become the norm.

The Academy And Industry: Not Necessarily At Odds

While scientists may sometimes see basic and applied research as two opposing ends of the spectrum, combining the two has been beneficial, share A*STAR’s top leaders.

AstraZeneca To Partner Shanghai Institutes In Cardiovascular Diseases Research

AstraZeneca and the Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences have signed an agreement to collaborate in cardiovascular disease research.