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Neem Tree Bark Extract May Help Fight COVID-19

Extract from the bark of the Neem tree may help reduce the spread of coronavirus, an India-US research team reported.

An Eco-Friendly Sponge For Soaking Up Oil Spills

Scientists in India have combined cellulose with a gelator to create a sponge that effectively sucks up crude oil.

TV Dish Antennae As Radio Telescopes

Researchers show that radio telescopes constructed with ordinary TV dish antennae can easily be installed in any college campus.

Indian Solar Physicist Wins American Astronomical Society Prize

The prestigious American Astronomical Society has for the first time honored a space scientist from the Asia-Pacific region.

Asian Research Network Launched In Seoul To Strengthen R&D Across Asia

Scientists at Hanyang University of Korea and RIKEN of Japan are launching the Asian Research Network in Seoul to strengthen R&D cooperation across Asia.