in vitro fertilization

Beefing Up IVF Success

Scientists in Japan have used live-cell imaging to identify bovine IVF embryos without chromosomal abnormalities and increase the success of cow pregnancies.

Five Beautiful Quotes from Asian Scientists (VIDEO)

From waxing lyrical about the hope of life, to boldly lauding the potential of the Asian market, who knew scientists could be such poets?

Real-Time Embryo Imaging Could Boost IVF Success

Real-time imaging of embryos may increase the chances of success for IVF procedures through more efficient control of embryo quality.

Why Does IVF Produce More Baby Boys?

Though largely safe and well accepted, the IVF procedure causes defects in X chromosome inactivation which result in fewer girls being born.

A New Way To Look At Embryos

A non-invasive imaging technique that allows the visualization of developing embryos has changed our understanding of the earliest stages of life.

Conceiving Many World Firsts

Professor Ariff Bongso has been at the forefront of both in vitro fertilization and stem cell research.

IVF Babies Just As Healthy As Naturally Conceived Ones

A large survey carried out by researchers in Australia has allayed the fears of IVF baby parents.

Assisted Conception Linked To Higher Birth Complication Risk

The risk of serious complications is around twice as high for babies conceived by assisted reproductive therapies compared to naturally conceived babies, according to a study.

How An Early Embryo Changes Shape

Scientists have revealed new insights into how cells organize and form an early mammalian embryo.

Infertile Japanese Woman Has Baby After In Vitro Activation

Researchers in the US and Japan have identified a way to induce the ovaries of some infertile women to produce eggs.