immune system

How Estrogen Shields Tumors From The Immune System

The female sex hormone contributes to tumor progression in the estrogen-negative cancers lacking hormone receptors.

Scientists Find Regulatory T-Cell Master Switch

Researchers in South Korea have identified Foxp1 as a key molecule required for the formation of regulatory T-cells.

Bacteria In Your Beer For A Happy Belly

Researchers in Singapore have patented a recipe for probiotic beer that not only tastes good but is also is good for gut health.

How Plants Use Tails To Distinguish Friend And Foe

Foreign RNA lacks the tell-tale tail, marking it for destruction by the plant immune system.

Breaching The Brain To Treat Septic Shock

A neuropeptide called orexin has been shown to prevent mice from dying from septic shock.

Kupffer Cells Guard The Liver Against Metastatic Cancer

Activating the fungal receptor Dectin-2 makes Kupffer cells ‘eat’ cancerous cells, thereby reducing the spread of cancer to the liver.

Using The Common Cold To Tackle HIV

Scientists have used the common cold virus and a DNA-based vaccine to stimulate protection against HIV in the gut and bodily cavities of mice.

‘Photobombing’ Tumor Immune Suppressors

Pairing an antibody with a light-sensitive dye is an effective way of targeting tumor cells and destroying them, researchers have found.

How To Mount A STING Operation Against Pathogens

Researchers have shed light on how STING, an innate immune sensor that triggers inflammation, is activated to eliminate viruses or bacteria.

B Cells Found To Contribute To Sepsis

B cells, better known for producing antibodies, have now been found to also play an important role in the inflammatory response against bacterial toxins during sepsis.