The Women Changing The Face Of HPC

Against all odds, women are taking the world of high performance computing by storm. Find out how two stellar researchers are advancing commercial computing and driving collaboration in the region.

Quantum Computers On The Horizon

There's still a long way to go before they go mainstream, but quantum computers are firmly in the realm of reality and not science fiction, says IBM’s Dr. Christine Ouyang.

IBM Watson To Fight Cancer In 21 Hospitals Across China

IBM and Hangzhou CognitiveCare plan to bring the Watson cognitive computing platform to 21 hospitals across China.

IBM’s Watson Detected Rare Leukemia In Just 10 Minutes

The supercomputer swiftly cross-referenced a patient’s genetic data to make a diagnosis that would have taken a human doctor weeks.

Diagnosis Without Doctors: Could PCs Replace GPs?

Computers may not have much by way of bedside manner, but they can carry out tasks human doctors can’t, processing gigabytes of data for a more personalized diagnosis.

IBM To Establish Blockchain Innovation Hub In Singapore

The Center will develop applications and solutions that are based on enterprise blockchain, cyber-security and cognitive computing technologies.

Crowd Computing Used To Improve Water Filtration

Using the IBM Community Grid, researchers have shown how tiny oscillations in carbon nanotubes can be exploited to filter water.

Crowdsourcing To Solve Microbe Mysteries

The participation of citizen scientists could help complete a metagenomics project in months instead of the 40,000 years required for a single PC.

Watson Goes To School

The partnership between IBM and NUS gives students a chance to work with the latest in cognitive computing technology.

IBM To Spend US$100 Million On Big Data Consulting Labs

IBM invests US$100 million to develop ten Interactive Experience labs around the world, including five in Asia.