In Sickness & In Health: Married Couples Share Susceptibility To Heart Disease

Wives of men with major cardiovascular disease risk factors—namely hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia—are more likely to suffer from the same disorders.

Dietary Fatty Acids Raise Hypertension Risk In Diabetics

Researchers in Japan have found that dietary fatty acid intake in diabetic patients may increase hypertension risk.

High Blood Pressure Prevalent In India, Study Finds

One in five Indian young adults have hypertension, prompting recommendations for blood pressure screening starting at 18 years of age.

High Blood Pressure In China Spiraling Out Of Control

More and more people in China are suffering from high blood pressure, but proper medication to manage the disease is often lacking.

50% Of Myanmar’s Population Has High Cholesterol

Unhealthy lifestyles have been blamed as hypertension and high cholesterol rates in Myanmar rise to worrying levels.

Researchers Identify Biomarkers For Chronic Kidney Disease

Even though present in trace amounts, D-amino acid levels in patients can be measured to provide prognostic information of chronic kidney disease.

Ultrasound On Arms Of Diabetes Patients Lowers Blood Pressure

20 minutes of ultrasound applied to the arms of diabetes patients who also had hypertension helped to reduce the patients' blood pressure, according to a study.

China’s Salty Problem

Although salt consumption in China has decreased since 2002, it remains above the maximum recommended daily intake.

The Cost-Effectiveness Of Treating Hypertension In China

Treating patients with anti-hypertensives could prevent up to a million cardiovascular events in China each year.

Cardiovascular Disease On The Rise In Asia, Particularly Japan

Unlike the West where hypertension rates have remained constant, Japan is facing worsening incidence rates.