Nuts & Bolts—Keep Clean And Carry On

Maintaining good hygiene involves more than just washing your hands; this month’s TechOffers show new ways to keep germs and diseases at bay.

Winners Of 2018 Nikkei Asia Prizes Announced

A Chinese environmentalist, a Vietnamese pediatrician and an Indian reformer have been awarded the 23rd Nikkei Asia Prizes.

Samlonella Self-Acidifies To Survive Macrophages’ Acid Attack

The acidic environment of the macrophage vacuole not only fails to kill Salmonella but actually switches on bacterial survival genes.

WHO Highlights Hand Washing Need

Good hand hygiene practices among healthcare practitioners could halt the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, says WHO.

SuperAmma Successfully Changes Handwashing Behavior

Researchers find that appealing to emotions rather than facts can result in significant, long-lasting improvements in people’s handwashing behavior.