Tapping Into Nature To Address Peritoneal Adhesion

Using pollen grains, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and local startup Sporogenics have teamed up to develop a hydrogel film with superior properties to prevent this post-surgery complication.

artificial blood vessel

Ensuring Transplant Success With Artificial Blood Vessels

To reduce the risk of a rejected organ transplant, a team from South Korea has built an artificial blood vessel platform that mimics real blood flow and clotting.

Stick-On Flexible Sensors For Any Surface

A research team in South Korea has developed a method to easily create high-performance sensors on flexible substrates of diverse shapes and structures.

What Doesn’t Break This Hydrogel Makes It Stronger

Mimicking how natural muscles become stronger under strain, researchers in Japan have developed a hydrogel that becomes stronger and stiffer upon repeated stretching.

Hydrogen Bonds Help Gels Heal Themselves

Scientists in Japan have developed an ion gel that relies on hydrogen bonding to heal itself rapidly at room temperature.

When Muscles Meet Machines

A team of researchers in Japan has grown sheets of muscle on hydrogels and anchored them onto a robotic frame to create a biohybrid robot.

Stretchable 3D Printing In High Resolution

Researchers have developed hydrogels that can be 3D printed in high resolution and stretched by up to 1,300 percent.

Hybrid Nanogels Turn Up The Heat On Cancer Cells

Chinese researchers have synthesized hybrid nanogels that possess tumor-killing properties and can be used as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance imaging.

A Glue That’s Sticky Even Under Water

A team of Korean researchers have developed adhesives that allow for reversible binding when wet.

A Sticky Solution To 3D Bioprinting

Scientists in Japan have developed a method to make droplets containing living cells stick to each other, enabling 3D printing of highly complex biological structures.