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Fighting Food Fraud

To intercept future food scandals in Asia and the world, innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence could prevent fraud and reduce anxiety about what’s really on our plates.

Gut Bacteria That Brew Booze May Cause Liver Damage

A research group in China has found that alcohol-producing gut bacteria could cause liver damage even in people who don’t drink.

Tea Tree Genome Sequenced

Chinese scientists have sequenced the genome of the tea tree, unraveling clues about how one leaf produces many flavors.

Turning Tomatoes Into Phytochemical Factories

By tweaking a gene called AtMYB12, scientists were able to make tomatoes produce industrial quantities of beneficial phytochemicals.

Breeding Fungus Resistant Oilseed Varities

Scientists have identified strains of oilseed plants that are resistant to the devastating fungal pathogen Sclerotinia.

Indian Mustard ‘Migrated’ From West Asia, Study

An ancient mustard plant that stars in modern Indian and Chinese cuisine experienced two "waves" of migration into India and China, says a new study.

Pig Genome Decoded: Genes May Explain Why Pigs Can Sniff Out Truffles But Have Poor Taste

An international team of researchers has published the most thorough genomic analysis yet conducted of the domestic pig and its wild boar counterpart.

‘Killer-Protector System’ Renders Some Rice Species Sterile

Researchers have identified a set of three genes that are responsible for hybrid sterility in rice.