Follow The Money

Forget speed; 5G is really about transforming the way business is done, says Huawei’s chief technology officer Paul Scanlan.

IEEE Bans Huawei-Affiliated Academics From Its Peer Review Process

Huawei-affiliated scientists have been banned from contributing editorially on some 200 IEEE journals, but will still be able to participate in IEEE meetings and conferences.

Hack-Proofing Our Devices

SMU Associate Professor Li Yingjiu is building better safeguards into the everyday technologies of radio-frequency identification (RFID) and mobile phones.

PolyU & Huawei Set Up Joint Lab

The first joint laboratory of high-capacity optical communications and advanced computing systems in Hong Kong has been launched.

Huawei and WuXi AppTec Collaborate On Precision Medicine Cloud Platform

This strategic alliance will put a population genomics system on the cloud to support the delivery of China’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

Huawei & BGI Partner On Big Data Genome Storage Project

Huawei and BGI have formed a tag team to develop big data genome storage systems and improve the efficiency of genomic research.