A Tale Of Two Vaccines

Vaccines that prevent cancer are now a reality. Yet, not everyone has jumped at the opportunity to get immunized. Jeremy Chan investigates why.

Editor’s Note – July 2017 Print Magazine

In this issue of Asian Scientist Magazine, we turn the spotlight on immunotherapy and how it is being used to fight cancer.

Starpharma To Launch Anti-Viral Condoms

The first of its kind, the VivaGel® condom incorporates an antiviral compound to reduce the risk of exposure to viruses such as HIV, HSV and HPV.

CEL-SCI’s Phase III Trial Enrols Patients From Sri Lanka

CEL-SCI has begun enrolling patients from Sri Lanka for a Phase III trial for Multikine, an investigational treatment for head and neck cancer.

Study Shows HPV Vaccine Protects Against Cervical Cancer

By linking Queensland records of HPV vaccinations with the pap smear register, scientists have been able to show that vaccinations have been effective in protecting against cervical cancer.

GYSS 2014: Start Companies For The Right Reasons, Say Eminent Scientists

At the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014, a panel of distinguished scientists discussed how research should be driven by curiosity, not money.

GYSS 2014: Is Red Meat Consumption Linked To Colorectal Cancer?

At the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014, Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen discusses the link between high consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer.

Biocon, Advaxis To Develop Cancer Immunotherapy Against HPV

Biocon and Advaxis will co-develop and commercialize ADXS-HPV, a novel cancer immunotherapy for the treatment of HPV.

Microneedles Send Tiny Doses Of Vaccine To The Skin

An Australian biomedical engineer, Mark Kendall, has won the 2012 Rolex Awards for changing the way life-saving vaccines are delivered.

HPV, EBV May Interact In Prostate Cancers

Two common viruses known to be associated with human cancers are both present in most prostate cancers, a new study suggests.