Female Hormone Drug Could Help Treat Asthma

Relaxin, a hormone produced during childbirth, is anti-fibrotic—a characteristic that could help treat lungs damaged by asthma.

Stay Cool And Eat Bamboo

Pandas can survive on a diet of bamboo thanks to their exceptionally low metabolic rate, scientists say.

Superovulation And The Mass Production Of Knockout Mice

Researchers have succeeded in stimulating a single female mouse to produce more than 100 eggs in one round of harvesting.

The Unique Structure Of Obesity-Related Receptors

The crystal structures of AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 reveal a completely new type of receptor structure which incorporates zinc ions.

Activating The Heart’s Regenerative Potential

The receptor ERBB2 is both necessary and sufficient to reactivate the heart’s ability to regenerate, study says.

The Role Of Hormones In Fishy Love Triangles

Male medaka unable to produce the hormone vasotocin lose out in love triangles, research shows.

The Link Between Diet & Hormones

What flies eat can determine when they undergo metamorphosis, according to a study examining the role of serotonin-producing neurons.

Using Nanoparticles & Graphene To Degrade BPA

Scientists have developed a catalyst that can break down pollutants such as BPA with the help of light.

How A Single Hormone Plays Two Roles

The trick to performing the two different functions of season sensing or metabolic regulation is glycosylation, researchers say.

Of Moth And Men

A study of the structure of sex pheromones in moths could shed light on the related hormone in humans.