hong kong polytechnic university

Clearing Cloudy Satellite Signals For Better Earth Imaging

Scientists have devised a novel cloud screening method for satellite imaging, enabling accurate and high-resolution Earth monitoring.

Scanning For Scoliosis Using A Palm-Sized Device

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a palm-sized 3D ultrasound imaging system that could allow mass screening for scoliosis.

Wrapping DHA In Corn Protein Enhances Absorption

Using edible corn protein, scientists have encapsulated docosahexaenoic acid to increase its absorption in both maternal mice and their offspring.

Getting A Glimpse Of The Far Side Of The Moon

China has launched the Chang’e-4 lunar probe which will go where no other lunar mission has gone before—the far side of the moon.

First Batch Of Belt And Road Power Engineering Program Graduates

Participants of the workshop were granted exclusive access to key power facilities in Hong Kong and China, and left with a deeper understanding of power engineering.

Lens Shown To Reduce Myopia In Children

Scientists in Hong Kong have designed spectacle lenses to slow myopic progression in children.

Try Clothes On In A ‘Virtual Fitting Room’ (VIDEO)

Researchers in Hong Kong have created an app that can accurately capture various body measurements from just two photographs.

Real Or Fake? Method Confirms Lingzhi Mushrooms In 10 Minutes

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a quick and simple method to authenticate species of mushrooms used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Widespread In China

Scientists in Hong Kong have detected the gene for colistin-resistance in human, food and environmental samples from Hong Kong and China.

Highly Infectious Superbug Emerges In Chinese Hospital

The hypervirulent superbug behind five deaths in a Chinese hospital is resistant even to last-resort antibiotics.