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Carving A Niche—An Interview With Dr Alfred Tan Of The Hong Kong Baptist University

Through its competitive funding schemes and professional support, the Hong Kong Baptist University’s Knowledge Transfer Office spurs open innovation in China’s Greater Bay Area.

Sunscreen May Harm Baby Fish

Scientists in Hong Kong have found that combinations of UV-protective compounds in sunscreen can negatively impact the development of fish embryos.

Molecular Machines Make Drug Delivery More Precise

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed macromolecules with ‘mechanical arms’ that can actively control the delivery of drugs released to targeted cancer cells.

Skin Flakes Stink Up Air Conditioning

Scientists in Hong Kong have discovered that skin flakes are a nutrient source for bacteria hiding inside air-conditioning units and therefore a cause of foul odors.

Why Humans Are Feeling The Heat

Human-perceived temperatures are rising faster than actual air temperatures, say researchers.

Aptamers To Help Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Researchers in Hong Kong have combined aptamers with anticancer drugs to specifically target ovarian cancer cells.

Targeted Delivery Of CRISPR Into Bone Tumors

Scientists in Hong Kong have developed a method to carry the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system into bone tumors, thus enabling therapeutic gene editing.

Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight?

A clinical trial involving 72 participants suggests that acupuncture is a safe way to help people lose weight.

Traditional Medicine Yields Anti-HIV Compound More Powerful Than AZT

A type of willow-leafed plant common in Southeast Asia has been found to contain a potent compound that could help treat HIV.

Decoding The First Sea Mussel Genome

The deep-sea mussel is the first large seafloor dweller to have its entire genome sequenced.