Turning CAR-Ts On Infectious Disease

Scientists in Singapore are exploring using immunotherapy traditionally used for cancer on infectious diseases including COVID-19.

GSK Opens US$96M Facility In Singapore

Following a S$130-million investment, GSK has launched a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Singapore.

7 Must-Read Stories In May 2018

Prominent personalities, therapies for HIV infection and cool feats of engineering were topics of interest in the month of May.

Gene Editing Blocks HIV Transmission In Cells

Researchers have used gene editing to block the replication of HIV in human cells.

Universal Antibody Drug Against HIV Developed

Hong Kong scientists have developed a bispecific antibody that ‘kills two birds with one stone’ and can neutralize virtually all known strains of HIV.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2018

A boycott of a yet-to-be launched paywalled research journal and a peek at the denizens of the deep all made the top news in April 2018.

WHO Rejects Reports Of New HIV Strain In The Philippines

UNAIDS and WHO have rejected international media reports claiming that a drug-resistant HIV strain has surfaced in the Philippines.

How HIV Possibly Jumped From Monkey To Man

Researchers have discovered that the evolution of a protein in the simian immunodeficiency virus may have allowed it to be transmitted to human hosts.

Locking Up HIV To Keep AIDS Under Control

Using a chemically synthesized compound, researchers in Japan have been able to trap the HIV virus inside infected host cells, facilitating the elimination of the viral reservoir.

Traditional Medicine Yields Anti-HIV Compound More Powerful Than AZT

A type of willow-leafed plant common in Southeast Asia has been found to contain a potent compound that could help treat HIV.