Revolutionary New Tool For Joining Peptides

Scientists at NTU have discovered an enzyme that can join peptides 10,000 times faster than before.

TCM And IT Brought Together In New Book

Topics in the new reference tool include how to fingerprint herbs, isolate and identify herb potency, and connect massive clinical datasets using IT.

Herbal Drug For Dengue Stirs Debate

A controversial herbal drug for dengue has been making rounds on the internet, but some scientists have questioned any such claims as unsubstantiated.

Scientists Find Link Between Aristolochic Acid And Liver Cancer

A joint Singapore-Taiwan research has revealed a link between aristolochic acid (AA) and liver cancer.

Some Herbal Medicines May Pose Kidney Failure Risk, Study

Researchers are warning that millions of people may be exposed to the risk of developing kidney failure and bladder cancer by taking herbal medicines that are widely available in Asia.

Scientists Find Atomic Structure Of Chinese Herb, Chang Shan

Scripps Research Institute scientists have determined a molecular structure that helps explain how the Chinese herbal medicine Chang Shan works.

AstraZeneca, Fudan University To Collaborate In China

AstraZeneca and Fudan University are set to collaborate on cardiovascular research in China.

The Neglected Allies Of Modern Medicine

Is the enduring attraction of traditional medicine a good thing or a paradox? Zaria Gorvett investigates.

Chinese Mung Bean Could Protect Against Sepsis, Study

Researchers have discovered that a bean commonly used in Chinese cuisine may protect against sepsis, a life-threatening complication of an infection or injury.

Mushroom Compound May Help Dogs With Invasive Cancer

A mushroom compound may help dogs with cancer survive longer than without treatment, offering pet owners an alternative to chemotherapy for their pooches.