hepatitis b

No More Waiting: Tackling Viral Hepatitis In Asia

From detecting hidden cases to enabling early treatment, here’s how clinical lab diagnostics play a crucial role in overcoming the threat of viral hepatitis.

A One-Shot Test For Multiple HBV Mutant Strains

A research group in China has developed a diagnostic test for the hepatitis B virus that can even distinguish between mutant virus strains.

Engineering T-Cells To Home In On Liver Cancer

Researchers in Singapore have selected, designed and engineered patient-specific T cells that target hepatitis B-infected liver cancer cells.

Lion TCR’s T-Cell Therapy Gets Phase I/II Trial Approval

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority has approved Lion TCR’s Phase I/II clinical study of immunotherapy for liver cancer.

WuXi STA And Antengene To Collaborate On Cancer Drug Development

Antengene is tapping on WuXi STA’s end-to-end drug development platform to accelerate the clinical testing and commercialization of cancer drugs.

Hepatitis B Treatment Prevents Liver Cancer

Scientists in Hong Kong have confirmed that hepatitis B treatment can reduce the rates of liver cancer and urge infected individuals to seek continued treatment.

A Tale Of Two Vaccines

Vaccines that prevent cancer are now a reality. Yet, not everyone has jumped at the opportunity to get immunized. Jeremy Chan investigates why.

Editor’s Note – July 2017 Print Magazine

In this issue of Asian Scientist Magazine, we turn the spotlight on immunotherapy and how it is being used to fight cancer.

7 Must-Read Stories In May 2017

Sleep was a big concern in May, but new drugs and artificial intelligence look set to make it better.

Toward A Therapeutic Vaccine For Hepatitis B

Scientists are developing a much needed therapeutic vaccine against hepatitis B that could also treat chronic hepatitis.