helicobacter pylori

What Makes Some H. pylori Bacteria More Likely To Cause Cancer?

Duplication of the SHP2 binding site in the H. pylori protein CagA increases its binding by a hundred times, elevating the risk of gastric cancer.

Immune Protein Could Fight Gastric Cancer

Normally only produced by immune cells, IL23A has now been shown to be important in the response to H. pylori infection which could lead to gastric cancer.

H. Pylori Vaccine Shows Promise In Mice

Researchers in China have developed an oral vaccine against H. pylori, the bacteria responsible for some forms of gastric cancer.

Ulcer-Causing Helicobacter Pylori Survives In Our Acidic Gut By Turning It Neutral

Researchers at CUHK are slowly creating a blueprint to understand how the H. pylori pathogen stays alive and well in the acidic guts of half the world's population.