heart failure

Detecting Heart Failure At Home

Researchers have invented a handheld device that can detect symptoms of congestive heart failure in ten seconds.

Two Kinds Of Heart Failures Don’t Beat As One

By studying a cohort of 2,039 patients over a span of seven years, researchers have discovered the subtle differences in incidence and patient outcomes for two types of heart failure.

Fixing Broken Heart Valves In Cardiac Failure Patients

Scientists in Japan have performed the world's first successful transcatheter mitral valve implantation in patients with severe cardiac failure.

Protein That Protects Women From Heart Disease Identified

Raised levels of thymosin beta-4 in the plasma samples of women accurately predicted their risk of heart disease.

Gene Therapy Reduces Heart Failure In Mice

By inhibiting the production of ANGPTL2, researchers were able to reduce the progression of heart failure in mouse models.

Heart Mesh Keeps Beats In Sync (VIDEO)

A step up from traditional pacemakers, this mesh wraps around the heart, synchronizing heartbeats by delivering electrical impulses to the entire organ.

One Test, Two Uses: Diagnosing Both Muscle-Wasting & Heart Failure

A simple screening method for sarcopenia, which causes muscle mass loss, was just found to be surprisingly effective at diagnosing heart failure risk.

Gene Targeting Reverses Heart Fibrosis In Mice

By using gene targeting to introduce the CCN5 protein into the heart, researchers have managed to reverse cardiac fibrosis in mice.

Taxing By The Pound

As Asia transitions from battling infectious microbes to battling the bulge, can a controversial 'fat tax' in Japan keep waistlines under control?

Drug Testing Made Easy With 3D Artificial Heart

By mimicking the electrophysiology of the heart with 20 million cardiac cells, researchers hope to develop more realistic drug screening tools.