heart diseases

Detecting Heart Disease In The Blink Of An AI (VIDEO)

Dr. Carolyn Lam, co-founder of medical technology startup eKo.ai, is hoping to turn the tide in the battle against heart disease by using artificial intelligence.

The Future Of Science We Make (VIDEO)

Ten students from Asia will present their ingenious projects like making medical technologies affordable and using food waste as an energy source at the Google Science Fair in California, USA this year.

Arthritis Drug Breathes New Life Into Heart Repair

Scientists in Japan have discovered that an anti-inflammatory drug commonly prescribed for rheumatic diseases can promote the reprogramming of fibroblasts into cardiac muscle cells.

7 Must-Read Stories In December 2018

From diagnosing disease to exploring the far side of the moon, these were the seven most popular stories in December 2018.

An Evolutionary Trade-Off For Walking Upright

A research group in Japan has revealed that walking upright has made humans more prone to limb ischemia than mice.

Butterfly Wings Inspire Heart Drug Testing Platform

Scientists in Japan have applied the principles of structural color to a device that could be used to test the effect of drugs on heart cells.

Stem Cells To Patch Up Damaged Hearts

By growing heart cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells on a nanofiber scaffold, scientists have developed a patch that could be used to repair damaged hearts.

Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

Breastfeeding benefits mums as well as babies, potentially lowering the mother’s risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Gene Therapy Reduces Heart Failure In Mice

By inhibiting the production of ANGPTL2, researchers were able to reduce the progression of heart failure in mouse models.