heart disease

China Faces The Challenge Of Chronic Disease

Chronic conditions have surpassed infectious diseases as the leading causes of premature death in China, a new study shows.

Switching Energy Sources In A Heartbeat

A research group in South Korea has identified ketone bodies as a crucial energy source for the heart.

Getting To The Heart Of Congenital Heart Disease

The acetylation of metabolic enzymes plays a key role in regulating heart muscle development in newborns, study says.

Protein That Protects Women From Heart Disease Identified

Raised levels of thymosin beta-4 in the plasma samples of women accurately predicted their risk of heart disease.

This Molecule Marks Cells Destined To Develop Into Heart

Researchers have identified a molecule that is expressed in early heart production, allowing them to isolate and study pure populations of human heart progenitor cells.

This Protein Limits How Much The Heart Swells Under Stress

Researchers have identified a protein that prevents the heart from swelling when under stress.

BIOTRONIK’s Manufacturing Center In Singapore Begins Operations

BIOTRONIK's manufacturing center in Singapore has begun manufacturing products for vascular intervention and cardiac rhythm management.

Aspirin, Statins Help Reduce Heart Attack Severity: Study

Statins and aspirin, medications prescribed to prevent heart attacks, are linked with reduced heart attack severity, a new study shows.

Drinking Green Tea May Help Prevent Aneurysms: Study

Japan’s favorite beverage might be offering more than just a relaxing tea break, as researchers have discovered that it has protective effects against artery swelling in rats.

Researchers Identify Biomarkers For Chronic Kidney Disease

Even though present in trace amounts, D-amino acid levels in patients can be measured to provide prognostic information of chronic kidney disease.