health technology

Answering Unmet Needs With The Singapore Biodesign Innovation Fellowship

Singapore Biodesign supports local health tech innovators with a robust program, mentorship, workshops and valuable opportunities to meet investors.

Igniting Innovation — An Interview With George Heng Of SenzeHub

Embracing open innovation has helped SenzeHub to develop useful and commercial solutions in the form of healthcare wearables.

Nuts & Bolts—Health Assessment On The Go For Seniors

Three new innovations in wearable health-tech will increase accessibility to advanced health assessment for the elderly.

Standing On The Verge Of Accessible Healthcare (VIDEO)

By investing in health tech innovations through Verge HealthTech Fund, Dr. Joseph Mocanu is making accessible healthcare in Asia a reality.

Murder By Medical Device?

Can medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps be hacked? Not easily; yet cybersecurity remains a top concern as healthcare moves into the digital age.

Going Deep: 5 Reasons To Attend SGInnovate’s Deep Tech Summit

More than just a networking event, Deep Tech Summit 2018 will provoke meaningful discussion about the impact of technology on society.

Re-Imagining The Doctor’s Black Bag

While HealthTech startups face a long, difficult journey from bench to bedside, those that succeed stand to make a real dent in global health problems.

Co-Creating The Future Of Healthcare

Mr. Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer of Royal Philips, shares his insights into how co-creation drives innovation and creates value in the healthcare sector.

Telemedicine Consultations Benefit Patients In China

A retrospective study of over 1,500 pathology cases from China has shown that telemedicine can improve the quality of care for patients.

Printable, Flexible Sensor Directly Measures Lung Temperature

This highly responsive and flexible temperature sensor can be directly attached to biological tissue for precise monitoring in medical applications.