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Asian Scientist Magazine’s 2019 Roundup

Just in case you missed them, we bring you some of the top stories on Asian Scientist Magazine in 2019.

Scientists Develop A Hair-Raising Protocol

By encapsulating hair follicle stem cells in collagen and growing them with skin cells in a U-shaped well plate array, researchers in Japan have found a way to grow hair at scale for transplantation.

A Hair-Raising Discovery

Researchers in Japan have developed a method for large-scale preparation of hair-producing tissues.

Aging Stem Cells Could Be Cause Of Hair Loss

The breakdown of collagen caused by accumulated DNA damage in hair follicle stem cells is one reason both mice and humans lose hair, scientists say.

Hair: You Lose Some To Gain More

A study in mice has shown that plucking hairs can trigger re-growth, but only if enough hairs are plucked at a high density.

Honeybee Hive Sealant Stimulates Hair Growth

Honeybee propolis treatment encourages hair growth in mice that have been shaved or waxed.