h1n1 virus

Of Epidemics And The End Of The World

Sure, pandemics can be scary and shouldn’t be taken too lightly. But don’t let Hollywood-style hysteria take over either.

Fast Evolving Flu Viruses Spread More Among Adults

Scientists have shown how both human behavior and virus biology affect which strains of influenza are in circulation.

Trying Not to Go Viral

Infectious diseases such as dengue and influenza continue to plague the world despite our best efforts to develop vaccines and drugs. Sim Shuzhen takes stock of how scientists are faring in the fight against seemingly indomitable foes.

India’s Swine Flu Virus Potentially More Virulent

The current strain of influenza circulating in India could be more virulent than the 2009 North American strain, highlighting the need for greater surveillance.

Traditional Japanese Pickle Called Suguki May Protect Against Flu

Bacteria found in a traditional Japanese pickle can prevent infection by the flu virus in mice, according to a new study.

A Viral Factory

In the past decade of intensive farming industrialization, a deluge of viral diseases has threatened public health, writes Zaria Gorvett.

H1N1 Influenza Vaccine From A*STAR & Cytos Enters Phase I Trials

Singapore's A*STAR and Switzerland's Cytos Biotechnology AG today announced the initiation of Phase I trials for their H1N1 influenza vaccine candidate.

Scientists Identify Gene Variant Linked To Swine Flu In Han Chinese

Researchers have found a genetic variant which explains why Chinese populations may be more vulnerable to swine flu.

Pigs In China’s Guangdong Province Infected With Avian Flu

Scientists have made a startling discovery that pigs in China's Guangdong province are infected with avian influenza viruses.

Death By Numbers

New research suggests a far higher swine flu death toll, largely in Southeast Asia and Africa.