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Placing Science At The Heart Of Society

Science cannot be done in a vacuum, but must interface with the general public, the media and politics if progress is to be sustained, said a distinguished panel of speakers at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2018.

Values For Revolutionary Times

When young scientists find themselves at a historical crossroads, strong values should be their guide, says Dr Jürgen Kluge, Chairman of the Lindau Foundation Board.

Is The World Ready For The Internet Of Things?

Security concerns need to be addressed before the widespread adoption of IoT technology, says internet architect and Turing Award winner Dr Vinton Gray Cerf.

The Ethics Of Engineering A Smart City

Will smart cities usher in positive new developments or play out like a nightmare? The answer is in the hands of today’s engineers, speakers of the Global Young Scientists Summit 2017 say.

The Tale Of A Simple But Superlative Material

For 2010 Nobel Laureate Sir Andre Geim, the road to the discovery of graphene was just one of many interesting paths he pursued over the course of his career.

The Future Is What We Make It, Says Professor Chan Heng Chee

From urbanisation to ageing, Singapore ambassador-at-large Professor Chan Heng Chee outlined five megatrends that young scientists will have to contend with as 2030 approaches, during a lunchtime talk at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2017.

The Algorithms Of Life

Could evolution and the way computers learn both be governed by the same set of rules? Turing Award winner Professor Leslie Valiant thinks so.

Disrupt Or Die

In the unrelenting world of tech, chance favors bold innovators who aren't afraid of failure, says Dr. Juha Ylä-Jääski, president and CEO of the Technology Academy of Finland.

7 Must-Read Stories In February 2016

From microscopic tetraneutrons to mammoth supernovas, here are the most popular reads from the last month.

Inspiring Minds, Fueling Passion At The Global Young Scientists Summit 2016

Liu Yuchun, a participant of the five-day Global Young Scientists Summit 2016, shares her experiences from the conference.