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World’s First Kale-Based Prebiotics Made Especially For Asians

Left-over kale stems in its powder form could help improve digestive health for Asians.

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Brain Disorders Get A Gut Check

Certain gut bacteria promote degeneration of neurons causing medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, researchers from Hong Kong have found.
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Finding The Fountain Of Youth In The Gut

The Japanese secret to a long and healthy life isn't just ikigai. In centenarians, gut microbiomes may help block harmful bacteria and promote longevity.

Forming New Neurons With Help From Gut Microbes

According to scientists, gut microbes that metabolize tryptophan release molecules that stimulate the production of new neurons in the adult brain.

Digging Into The Science Of Protein Cravings

When deprived of protein, specialized cells in our gut release a hormone telling our brain to crave food containing essential amino acids.

A Closer Look Into Viral Dark Matter

Taking a metagenomics approach, researchers in Japan have identified phage-derived enzymes that could potentially treat an imbalance of gut bacteria.

‘Keystone’ Species Key To Rebuilding Gut Microbiota After Antibiotics

The discovery of gut bacteria critical to restoring gut health offers new insights into microbiome recovery after antibiotic treatment.

From Poop To Personalized Medicine (VIDEO)

Dr. Jeremy Lim is building an Asian microbiome library that could facilitate the discovery of novel therapies for conditions ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to dementia.

Probiotic Bacteria Keep Staphylococcus At Bay

Bacillus, a type of bacteria commonly found in probiotics, prevents Staphylococcus aureus colonization of the gut and nose, according to scientists in Thailand and the US.

Bacterial Species That Alleviate Diabetes Identified

A research group in China has identified a group of gut microbiota that can alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in patients consuming a diet high in fiber.