gut health

A Wholesome Environment For Gut Stem Cells

Scientists in Singapore have discovered a type of cell responsible for maintaining the stem cell niche in the gut.

Bacterial Species That Alleviate Diabetes Identified

A research group in China has identified a group of gut microbiota that can alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in patients consuming a diet high in fiber.

Bacteria In Your Beer For A Happy Belly

Researchers in Singapore have patented a recipe for probiotic beer that not only tastes good but is also is good for gut health.

Don’t Waste Any Time! Join The Asian Gut Project Now.

The crowdfunded citizen science project, part of a massive effort to analyze microbial communities across the globe, is now seeking Asian participants.

Probiotics Shown To Suppress Liver Cancer In Mice

A special probiotic mixture has been shown to significantly reduce tumor size in mouse models with liver cancer.