greenhouse gases

Ozone Pollution Threatens Asia’s Food Security

Ozone pollution has been linked with about US$63 billion in annual crop production losses, slashing wheat, rice and maize yield in East Asia.

Industrial-Scale Aquaculture Intensifies Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Researchers in China, South Korea and the UK have demonstrated that the rapid increase in aquaculture activities is associated with elevated greenhouse gas emissions.

Sorting Car Scraps Could Help Save Millions

Detailed sorting of scrap car parts could not only improve the recycling rate of alloys, but also save steelmakers millions of dollars and reduce their greenhouse emissions.

2-In-1 Battery Stores Energy & Captures Carbon

While trying to develop a lithium-air battery, scientists stumbled upon a method to create solid carbon dust from carbon dioxide.

China’s Severe Winter Haze Linked To Melting Of Arctic Sea Ice

Climate change—not pollution—may have been behind China's severe winter haze in 2013.

Christmas Tree Plants Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Pigs

Scientists have identified the plant species that are most effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from swine wastewater.

Super Plant Solution To Both Climate Change & Food Security

Targeting the protein AtPAP2 to both the mitochondria and chloroplasts makes plants grow faster and produce 38 to 57 percent more seeds.

Tuning Carbon Nanotubes To Capture Greenhouse Gases

By tweaking the physical parameters of carbon nanotubes, researchers were able to increase the absorption of greenhouse gases.

Everest Glaciers May Vanish By 2100

Study predicts that greenhouse gases will cause a dramatic reduction in glaciers on Mount Everest, impacting more than a billion people living downsteam.

Tackling India’s Increasing GHG Emissions

Transport and building energy costs are the two greatest contributors to India's greenhouse gas emissions, study says.