green tech

Green Is The New Black

Supercomputers are power guzzlers, but researchers like Professor Satoshi Matsuoka are leading the charge for greener, more energy-efficient machines.

HKU’s Ron Hui Named UK Royal Academy Of Engineering Fellow

Professor Hui was recognized for his research on environmentally-friendly technologies, energy saving features and reduction of electronic waste.

Nanofibers Make Sanitary Pads And Diapers Safer And Greener

Nanofibers that are more absorbent and better for the environment could one day replace the current material being used in sanitary pads and diapers.

Cheaper & Greener Carbon Bond Formation

Replacing organic halides with aromatic esters could make industrial carbon-carbon bond formation less environmentally polluting.

Thin & Light Ultrahigh Strength Steel Developed

Next generation steels could be used to make lighter cars that offer just as much crash protection but consume less fuel.

Laos Targets Green Energy In New Asian Economic Bloc

Laos has set its sights on green energy, and hydroelectric dams in particular. But will this erode its progress in agriculture?

NTU & LightLab Join Hands On Low-Energy Lighting

The NTU-LightLab joint research program will focus on improving the energy efficiency and quality of lighting and displays.

‘Green Steel’ Technology Saves Two Million Tires From Landfill

By using old tires instead of non-renewable coke in steel furnaces, researchers saved landfill space equivalent to two million tires.

Making Smart Technologies Work For Cities

Experts from academia, industry and government discuss ways to integrate science and technology into building sustainable cities at the World Cities Summit 2014.

Newly Discovered Plant Stores Nickel In Leaves

Able to store up to 18,000 ppm of nickel in its leaves, Rinorea niccolifera might be useful for removing heavy metals in contaminated soil.