gravitational waves

Gravitational Waves Reveal Universe’s Expansion

Gravitational wave cosmology is opening a new window into the universe’s past.

Japan’s KAGRA Gearing Up For Gravitational Wave Research

Representatives from Japan’s KAGRA have signed a memorandum of agreement with the US’s LIGO and Italy’s Virgo observatories for joint gravitational wave research.

Searching For Ultralight Bosons With Gravitational Waves

Scientists have proposed a way to use gravitational waves to detect the existence and properties of ultralight bosons.

The Origins Of Gravitational Wave-Inducing Black Holes

Using supercomputer-aided simulations, scientists in Japan have examined how binary black holes responsible for gravitational waves may have originated.

7 Must-Read Stories In October

Five out of seven of this month’s top stories were from Singapore, including an article on our panel discussion on how to publish well in science.

Staring At The Aftermath Of A Neutron Star Merger

Observations from Japan-operated space observatories located around the world confirmed that the August 2017 gravitational wave signal arose from a kilonova, which happens when neutron stars merge.

Gravitational Waves Shed Light On Black Holes & Dark Matter

The third detection of gravitational waves offers new insights into the mysteries behind black holes and dark matter.

The Dance Of Two Black Holes

Astronomers have measured the rotational speed of a black hole by observing an outburst of light that occurred close to the centenary celebration of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

My Theory of Everything

We now know that black holes can bend gravitational waves, but what can explain the bending of space and time when a loved one is lost?