10 ’Omics You Need To Know

Confused by the proliferation of ‘omics but don’t want to be left behind? Fret not, Asian Scientist Magazine has got you covered with our handy explainer on the hottest ‘omics around.

Sweet Revenge Against Superbugs

Three dimensional carbohydrates could prove to be effective new agents against drug resistant bacteria.

Agilent & BTI Collaborate On Glycoprotein Analysis

The Agilent-BTI collaboration will develop the AssayMAP Bravo platform to the analysis therapeutic glycoproteins.

Seeing Past TB’s Sugar Coating

Using a glycan array, researchers have identified a protein secreted by the pancreas that plays a role in recognizing Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

How A Single Hormone Plays Two Roles

The trick to performing the two different functions of season sensing or metabolic regulation is glycosylation, researchers say.

Agilent, University Of Rouen, A*STAR To Collaborate In Glycomics

Agilent, the University of Rouen, and A*STAR have signed an MOU to develop tools to effectively analyze biologics and vaccines.

Agilent, Chungnam National University To Open Glycan R&D Center

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Chungnam National University today announced a new initiative in glycomics, the study of complex sugars.