global young scientists summit 2015

Why Asia Needs Good Science Writers

It is easy to name a cultural or political hero. Now try naming a living scientist.

7 Must-Read Stories In February 2015

Ancient planets, ancient mammals and an exclusive interview with a not-so-ancient Nobel Prize winner with advice for young physicists in Asia!

A Word To Young Physicists In Asia

In a wide-ranging interview, Sir Anthony Leggett shares his thoughts on science education and the prospects for young physicists in Asia.

GYSS@one-north 2015: Search For Satisfaction, Not Just Significance

Sir Anthony Leggett advises young scientists not to conduct research with an eye to winning prizes but to do something that they find personally satisfying.

GYSS@one-north 2015: Beautiful Math Survives Forever

In mathematics, what is beautiful survives forever, says Fields Medallist Professor Ngô Bảo Châu at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2015.

GYSS@one-north 2015: In Defense Of Scientific Curiosity

Hypothesis-driven research should not be neglected, says a panel of eminent researchers at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2015.

Coverage Of The Global Young Scientists Summit 2015

Here are some of the top stories from the Global Young Scientists Summit 2015.

GYSS@one-north 2015: Tearing Down Barriers In Scientific Research

Turing Award winner Andrew Yao talks to Asian Scientist Magazine about computer science and interdisciplinary research.

GYSS@one-north 2015: Is Internet Privacy Possible?

Online data privacy is possible, says Shafi Goldwasser, whose Turing Award-winning work laid the foundations of modern cryptography.

GYSS@one-north 2015: The Next Era Of Cloud Computing

What's next for cloud computing? Professor Stuart Parkin discusses at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2015.