global young scientists summit 2013

Winning SG Challenge Idea Aims To Ease Congestion In Cities

The Global Young Scientists Summit 2013 came to a close today with the announcement of the SG Challenge and NRF fellowship winners.

Blurring The Boundaries In Science: GYSS@one-north

At the Global Young Scientist Summit 2013, a panel of Nobel laureates from various disciplines discussed the difficulties of multidisciplinary research.

Failure Is Part Of The Job Description: GYSS@one-north

As the Global Young Scientists Summit wraps up on Friday, I hope that the 280 attendees will have renewed confidence that it is OK to fail at something they love doing.

Sydney Brenner@GYSS: Let’s Study Humans In A Dish

Speaking at the inaugural Global Young Scientists Summit 2013 in Singapore, Nobel Laureate Dr. Sydney Brenner says that we should all study humans in a dish.

Singapore To Host International Summit For Young Scientists

12 Nobel laureates and winners of the Turing Award, Millennium Technology Prize, and Fields Medal will mentor and inspire 280 young scientists at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2013.