global warming

Two Sides Of The Same Plant: Mismatched Responses To Warming

Climate warming induces different responses in plant growth patterns above and below ground, potentially disrupting ecosystem stability.

India Lays The Foundations For Green Energy Megapark

Set to be the size of Singapore once completed, India’s green energy megapark will produce a whopping 30 gigawatts of renewable energy.

When Keeping Cool, Socioeconomic Status Matters

Scientists have found that lower-income households raise water consumption, while higher-income households raise energy consumption to keep cool.

Commonwealth Science Academies Urge Action On Climate Change

Scientists in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka have backed the Commonwealth consensus statement on climate change.

Why Humans Are Feeling The Heat

Human-perceived temperatures are rising faster than actual air temperatures, say researchers.

Is The Earth Heating Up? Ask The Oceans

Measuring how much heat stored in the oceans is a faster way of tracking global warming, scientists say.

The Oceans Heat Up As Global Warming Persists

An analysis of three independent datasets confirm that the oceans are warming rapidly.

7 Must-Read Stories In June 2017

Climate change, solar energy and disease were key issues in the month of June.

How Life (Barely) Survived The Great Extinction

The survival of a transient community of microbes and sea urchins that lived over 250 million years ago suggests how life might respond to a warmer climate today.

Pacific States Urged To Improve On Climate Schemes: Report

The report, launched by the World Bank, outlines how incorporating climate adaptation activities into infrastructure development could reduce potential damage in future years.