global polio eradication initiative

CFDA Approves First Inactivated Sabin Vaccine

The locally produced vaccine will aid China’s efforts in polio eradication.

Scientists Back Roadmap To Rid World Of Polio By 2018

Around 400 scientists from 80 countries have come together to declare that polio could be wiped off the face of the Earth in five years.

Polio Killings In Pakistan May Hurt Eradication Effort

The murder of health workers in Pakistan means the last leg of efforts to eradicate the disease can't be business as usual, says Heidi Larson.

Leaders Issue Urgent Call For Polio-Free World

At the recent UN General Assembly in New York, heads of state from polio-endemic countries met with donors to pledge their support to stamp out the disease.

Study: Polio Vaccination Programs In Af-Pak Not Working

A new study finds that vaccines are struggling to have an impact in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to the lack of mass immunization campaigns.

India, Formerly The World’s Epicenter Of Polio, Celebrates A Polio-Free Year

India, once recognized as the world’s epicenter of polio, appears to have completed one year without polio since its last case in January 13, 2011.