glioblastoma multiforme

Zai Lab Launches Field Therapy For GBM In Hong Kong

The treatment method, which relies on electric fields to destroy tumors, can now be used to treat patients in Hong Kong diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer.

A Potential Biomarker For Aggressive Brain Cancer

Researchers have found that the levels of a protein called BCL6 can be used to identify patients with glioblastoma multiforme, a particularly aggressive type of brain cancer.

Melatonin Suppresses Activity Of Brain Tumor Stem-Like Cells

The ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin directly targets stem-like cells of glioblastomas by altering their biology and inhibiting their ability to multiply.

Genetically Engineered Killer T-Cells That Seek Out Brain Tumors

Researchers have engineered CAR T-cells to specifically identify and destroy brain tumors in mouse models.

Brain Cancer Patients With ‘T allele’ Live 5 Months Longer

The T allele is also predictive of a positive response to the standard cancer treatment, temozolomide.

Epigenetic Modifications Drive Brain Cancer

Scientists have identified an epigenetic modification that controls the aggressiveness of glioblastoma stem cells.

Training The Immune System To Target Brain Cancer

By exploiting the fact that many brain tumors harbor cytomegalovirus, scientists have used the patient's immune system to target brain cancer.