Tracking Down A Better Vision Test

Singapore-based startup BetaSight wants to turn eye-tracking VR headsets—originally designed for gaming—into medtech devices that can monitor eye and neurological health.

Diagnosing Glaucoma In A Blink

The GonioPEN causes less discomfort and can detect glaucoma more quickly and less expensively than current diagnostic methods.

Preventing Glaucoma By Unclogging The Eye’s ‘Drainage Canals’

Researchers in Korea have identified the molecular pathway causing fluid build-up in the eyes, a discovery that could lead leading to a treatment for glaucoma.

Scientists Discover A Mutation That Prevents Glaucoma

Although other variants of the LOXL1 gene have been linked to glaucoma, the p.Y407F mutation offers a 25-fold protection against the disease.

Eye Test Can Spot Glaucoma Four Years Earlier

A newly patented eye test that uses spots of light can help to detect glaucoma years earlier than standard tests.

Researchers Find Five Genes Associated With Glaucoma

These genes could represent new drug targets for primary angle closure glaucoma, which mainly affects ageing Asians.

Spot Glaucoma With Your Smartphone

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have developed a method to diagnose glaucoma from smartphone images.

Should Glaucoma Patients Get Rid Of Their Cats? Not So Fast

Troubled by a recent study linking cats to glaucoma? Don't panic, ophthalmologists say.

Taking Nano Big: A Conversation With Subbu Venkatraman

We speak to Professor Subbu Venkatraman, founding director of the NTU-Northwestern Nanomedicine Institute, on how he is leading an international effort to ramp up nanomedical research in Singapore.

Glaucoma In Singapore: Steady But Often Undiagnosed

Although the prevalence of glaucoma in Singapore has not changed over the last decade, a high proportion of previously undiagnosed disease suggests a need for greater public awareness.