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Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Catherine Ohura

Newly-appointed CEO of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund Ms. Catherine Ohura outlines her plans and priorities for the organization.

GHIT Fund Invests Further US$11.4 Million In Malaria And Tuberculosis Research

GHIT Fund is ramping up investments for researchers working on antimalarial and tuberculosis drugs and treatments.

Japan To Contribute US$130 Million Replenishment To GHIT Fund

The move highlights the Japanese government's commitment to playing a leading role in global health issues.

Transmission-Blocking Malaria Vaccine Gets Funding Boost

This malaria vaccine candidate is given to humans but targets mosquitoes, and clinical trials may commence in as little as four years.

Japanese Fund Invests In The Eradication Of Malaria & TB

GHIT Fund, a public-private partnership that seeks to nurture Japan's R&D, has invested in a malaria vaccine and rapid field test.

Neglected No More

Dr. BT Slingsby, founder and CEO of the Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) fund, is passionate about using Japanese research knowhow to help tackle the most challenging public health issues of the day.

Single-Dose Malaria Drug Reaches Human Trials

A long-lasting single-dose malaria drug in phase II clinical trials provides hope for malaria-infected patients.

Removing Early Barriers To Drugs For Neglected Diseases

DNDi has formed a consortium with four pharmaceutical companies to hasten the development of drugs for leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

GHIT Fund Deepens Support For Schistosomiasis & Leishmaniasis

An additional US$11 million has been committed to developing diagnostics and drugs for neglected tropical diseases.

GHIT Funds Grand Challenges

The GHIT Fund and the Gates Foundation have joined hands to tackle infectious diseases that plague the developing world.