Satellites Reveal The Secrets Of The Himalayas

Mineral ‘signatures’ seen from space have revealed where the Indian and Eurasian sub-continents collided to form the Himalayan mountain range.

Space Satellites Reveal Details Of North Korea’s 2017 Nuclear Test

North Korea’s 2017 nuclear test at Mount Mantap was ten times more powerful than the historic explosion at Hiroshima, researchers say.

Diamond-Focused Laser Sheds Light On The Secret Of The Earth’s Core

Lasers shone through diamonds have revealed that crystallization of silicon dioxide at the core could explain the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Concrete Jungle Is Greener Than You Think

Cement production generates a lot of carbon dioxide, but the good news is it it also acts as a carbon sink.

Rare Deep-Earth Tremor Caused By ‘Weather Bomb’

Scientists in Japan have detected a rare type of tremor triggered by a severe and distant North Atlantic storm.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, Even For Continents

Scientists have revealed that continents break up in two phases: slow at first, before suddenly speeding up.

What Sustains The Earth’s Magnetic Field?

Researchers have shed light on how heat is conducted by the inner and outer cores of the Earth to create its protective magnetic field.

Earthquake? Crowdsourcing App MyShake Will Warn You In Advance.

MyShake is a free app for Android phones that has the ability to recognize earthquake shaking using the sensors in every smartphone.

Syrupy Stand-In Mimics Magma For Volcano Prediction

Using a setup involving dyed syrup and a precision shake table, researchers have modeled how earthquakes can cause volcanic eruptions.

Liquid Acoustics Reveal Earth’s Core

The Earth's core contains carbon, but also other unknown light elements, say scientists from RIKEN's SPring-8 Center.