genome sequencing

How Genomic Sequencing Can Drive Agricultural Advancements

Professor Rajeev Varshney achieved the largest plant genome sequencing study by harnessing MGI’s high throughput sequencing technologies.

Advancing Accessible ‘Green Science’ With Illumina’s NovaSeq™ X Series

Quicker, more powerful and more sustainable than its predecessors, the NovaSeq X series of sequencers is set to advance genome research and patient care in Asia.

MGI Unleashes The Power Of Precision Medicine

At the forefront of gene sequencing technology, MGI is transforming the healthcare ecosystem.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Shoko Takahashi

Having founded Genequest when she was still a student, Dr. Shoko Takahashi is well on her way to creating a human genome database that could help advance clinical research in Asia.

Growing The Model Organism Menagerie

Yeast, flies and worms may be mainstays in biology laboratories, but non-traditional model organisms like salamanders, giant protists and tardigrades are fast becoming easier to study.

Termite’s Complex Gut Microbiome Sequenced

Researchers have sequenced the genomes of the bacteria living in the guts of termites, shedding light on how they enable termites to digest wood.

Would You Sell Your Genome On A Blockchain?

What can you do with your genomic data? One company wants to let you monetize it via blockchain.

NovogeneAIT To Establish Whole Genome Sequencing Center In Singapore

The whole genome sequencing center will support public research projects and super scale sequencing initiatives in Singapore and the region.

First Korean Genome Sequenced

This genome sequence, the most contiguous and complete human genome mapped to date, may be beneficial to the field of precision medicine.