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Human ‘Blood Microbiome’ Disproved

In the most comprehensive study to date, Singaporean researchers have debunked the existence of a shared microbial community in healthy human blood. The breakthrough offers a vital baseline to prevent transfusion-related sepsis.

Singapore Creates World’s Largest Asian Genetic Databank

The genomes of some 5,000 Singaporeans representing 80 percent of Asia's ethnic diversity have been sequenced by researchers in Singapore.

Singapore: A Sentinel For Southeast Asian Seafood Safety (VIDEO)

What we learnt from the unprecedented 2015 GBS outbreak and its implications for food safety in Southeast Asia.

Supercomputing Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science

Given the rapid pace of data generation, supercomputers are fast becoming an indispensable tool for research—now the challenge is to help scientists use them.

Singapore And South Korea To Tackle Skin Disorders And Cancer

This multi-institutional effort draws upon deep capabilities in skin research and cancer biology from Singapore and South Korea.

Ten East Asian Scientists Recognized By Nature

Nature has identified ten outstanding scientists working in East Asia for a special feature on science in the region.

Screening The Genome For Riboswitches

A genome-wide method has identified RNA aptamers that can bind to key metabolites, including vitamin B2.

Six Steps To Turn Stem Cells Into Liver Cells

Scientists have devised a method to generate large numbers of pure liver cells from stem cells.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Invests US$3.9 Million In Singapore R&D

Three Singapore-based teams working on myopia, cancer and liver disease will receive funding over the next three years.

Get That Grant

Grants are the lifeblood of scientific research; here three successful scientists share some tips and tricks for securing your next grant.