Severe COVID-19 Linked To Neanderthal Gene

A long stretch of DNA inherited from an interbreeding event with Neanderthals some 60,000 years ago has been linked to increase risk of severe COVID-19.

Dennis Lo Wins 2021 Breakthrough Prize In Life Sciences

Lo received the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for developing noninvasive genetic fetal screening tests used by millions of prospective parents worldwide.

The Unique Genetics Of Diabetes In East Asians

Researchers have found 61 new genetic variants that are linked to type 2 diabetes in East Asians, which could help to personalize treatment for the chronic disease.

Red Pandas Actually Two Distinct Species

Using population genomics, scientists have confirmed that the two red panda species have different evolutionary histories.

Risky Business In Breast Cancer Diagnosis (VIDEO)

By analyzing the collective impact of common gene variants associated with breast cancer, Dr. Li Jingmei seeks to detect the disease early and save lives.

Singapore Creates World’s Largest Asian Genetic Databank

The genomes of some 5,000 Singaporeans representing 80 percent of Asia's ethnic diversity have been sequenced by researchers in Singapore.

Ancient DNA Gives A Peek Into South Asian Ancestry

Researchers have sequenced millennia-old DNA from an individual belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization, showing that modern Indians are likely to have descended from this ancient culture.

Chimps And Bonobos Track Eye Gaze Like Humans

Chimpanzees and bonobos share the contrasting color pattern seen in human eyes, which makes it easy for them to detect the direction of someone's gaze from a distance.

Made Simple: Selecting The Sex Of Offspring

A research group in Japan has identified a chemical that affects sperm bearing the Y chromosome differently from those bearing the X chromosome.