Study Shows Genetic Links To Academic Achievements in East Asians

Until now such studies have been limited to Western populations.

president's science and technology awards 2021, psta, singapore

Five Receive 2021 President’s Science And Technology Awards In Singapore

Singapore has recognized five researchers with the 2021 President’s Science and Technology Awards for pushing the country's frontiers in biomedicine and engineering.

Sowing The Seeds Of Language

Interdisciplinary research suggests the Transeurasian language family was started and spread by a group of early farmers in China around 9,000 years ago.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Ashok Venkitaraman

Having discovered BRCA2’s crucial role in genome stability, Professor Ashok Venkitaraman continues to drive research into cancer detection and treatment at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and A*STAR.

All In The Genes

Precision medicine could reveal the secrets of Asia’s collective DNA without carrying the risks of consumer genetic testing. Here’s how.

Uncovering The History Of The Tiger Genome

Historic dips in the population from a wildly endangered past have led to a split between genetically diverse tiger subspecies and several inbred individuals.

Hunting For Disease Markers In ‘Junk’ DNA

An international team has developed a speedy new method to analyze thousands of noncoding variants and their links to diseases like diabetes.
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Philippines’ Indigenous Ayta Carry Most Denisovan Ancestry

The Ayta Magbukon people have the highest levels of DNA from Denisovans globally, revealed genetic evidence from 118 Philippine ethnic groups.

Correcting Genetic Mutations One Letter At A Time

Researchers from Singapore have developed a CRISPR/Cas9-base gene editor capable of correcting single-letter mutations in our DNA sequence.

Singapore Launches 2nd Phase Of National Precision Medicine Program

Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE) is set to take Singapore’s National Precision Medicine strategy to new heights.