genetic modification

Returning Power To Insecticides

By replacing insecticide-resistant genes in fruit flies with susceptible forms, an India-US research team is devising ways to lower insecticide use in farms.

US FDA Approves Golden Rice

Golden Rice, a vitamin A-fortified rice variety, is deemed to have met the food safety standards of three leading regulatory agencies, including, most recently, the US FDA.

GM Crops Bounce Back From 2015 Decline

More genetically modified (GM) crops were planted in 2016 than 2015, but the adoption of GM agriculture varied widely across Asia, report says.

Genetically Modified Rice Stacked With Antioxidants

Chinese researchers have developed a genetic engineering tool to generate antioxidant-rich purple rice.

Grains Of Hope

Rice farmers are struggling to meet Asia’s demand for the staple crop; a genetically modified strain developed in Singapore could provide a solution.

When Science Helps Governments Manage Risk And Innovation

Robust scientific evidence can help governments deal with threats and get the most out of new technologies, said UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Mark Walport.

Making Genetically-Modified Organisms Safer To Use

Requiring just nine genetic edits, this new method of making genetically-modified organisms is not only safer, but simpler.

Politics Thwart India’s GM Food Crop Plans

India’s leaders are under pressure to ban genetic modification technology over biosafety concerns.