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Asian Scientist Magazine’s February 2021 Roundup

From celebrating women in science to surprising discoveries in the natural world, catch Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from February 2021.

Attracting Singapore’s Girls And Women Into STEM

While parents in Singapore envision both male and female children pursuing careers in STEM, there should be more efforts to improve gender diversity outside the classroom.

STEM Subjects Popular In School, But Challenges Crop Up In The Working World

Science and technology is the top career choice for parents of both boys and girls, but more needs to be done to improve gender diversity beyond the classroom.

26 Fantastic Female Scientists

These 26 female scientists are all movers and shakers in their chosen fields, from mathematics to materials science.

Closing The Gender Gap

With its forward-thinking work culture and supportive business community, Singapore is now a place where women entrepreneurs can thrive, said three founders.

Playing The Woman Card In Science

Being a woman in science can be a disadvantage, but our columnist Rebecca would prefer people to focus on the ‘science’ rather than the ‘woman’ part of her identity as a professional.

Raising Geese Over Daughters

It is more profitable to raise geese than daughters, or so says a Chinese proverb. How far have we really come in terms of gender equality and parity?

Gender Stereotypes Affect Math Performance

A study in Singaporean primary school children has shown that the perception that boys are better at mathematics affects how girls perform in the subject.

Sympathy For The Devil?

The casual sexism of Tim Hunt is not simply a joke but a consequence of decades of silence and inaction on sexism in science, writes Michael Eisen.

Discrimination In Science: Gender & Geography

While science is supposed to be objective and gender-blind, many scientists still hold on to inherent biases.