Galactic Collisions Starve Black Holes, Simulations Show

Supercomputer models suggest that head-on galactic collisions can suppress even a black hole’s ravenous appetite.

A Glimpse Of Ancient Massive Galaxies

Scientists have identified a large population of galaxies previously invisible to the Hubble telescope.

Why Massive Galaxies Don’t Dance In Crowds

Contrary to previous research, the spin rate of galaxies is actually determined by mass instead of their interactions with neighboring galaxies.

The Chemistry Of Stellar Cocoons

Astronomers have discovered the first ‘hot molecular core,’ a cocoon of molecules that surrounds newborn stars, in a galaxy other than our own.

Nearby Red Dwarves Could Reveal Planet Secrets

An accidental find of a collection of young red dwarf stars close to our solar system could give us a rare glimpse of planet formation in slow motion.

Supermassive Blackhole Found Hidden In Nearest Galaxy

Physicists find evidence for the long-speculated supermassive binary blackhole in Markarian 231 galaxy, advancing our understanding in the formation of galaxies.

Ghostly Remnants Of A Nearby Galaxy Uncovered

Using the Subaru Telescope's Hyper Suprime-Cam prime-focus camera, astronomers have uncovered faint images of a nearby galaxy.